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Hi, I'm Kimberly 


A Los Angeles transplant via the Gulf Coast. Initially, I moved to LA to be near my daughter who  enrolled at Make-up Designory. Once settled, my consummate entrepreneurial leanings, adoration of architecture, and desire to help people lead to becoming an agent.

My personal experience of real estate investing has been transformative and I want to share the process with everyone. It is possible to own a home in Los Angeles!


Buying and Selling Real Estate is a pivotal moment in a person's life. My hope is that we are able to connect and  provide the resources you need to moving forward on your timeline and with confidence! 

A California native, I lived in the Amazon for many years and then in London, England for several more before shifts in the film industry brought me full circle to Los Angeles, my home. A theme of moving between countries translated into exploring countless neighborhoods over my years in LA. Living in several cultures has given me an openness to your own unique perspective, allowing me to apply my skills in real estate to assist you in the way that benefits you the most. I love L.A. for the chance to speak Spanish over sushi, to collaborate with people in every field and art, and to work creatively to find your perfect space!

Hi, I'm Lisa 

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